Point Reyes Birding Festival

Save the Date!

The 6th Annual Point Reyes Birding & Nature Festival will be held

Friday, April 24th through Sunday, April 26th 2015!

Tickets for all events go on sale to the public February 20th.  Early Bird Registration available to EAC members.  Join EAC today by making a 100% tax-deductible donation.

Saturday Night Keynote: SHIFT HAPPENS: Rare (Vagrant) Birds in North America – Why, Where, and Whence? Steve N.G. Howell.   Most birders know somebody who has found a rare bird, or they may have found one themselves. It’s always fun to see something different – variety is the spice of life, it adds a buzz to any day of birding. But why and where do rare birds show up? While vagrancy isn’t random, it may seem so when you hear about a Lesser Frigatebird in Michigan, a flock of Ruddy Shelduck in Arctic Canada, a Sungrebe in New Mexico, or a Xantus’s Hummingbird in British Columbia. Illustrated with stunning plates by Ian Lewington from the recently published Rare Birds of North America (co-authored by Will Russell, Ian, and Steve), this illuminating and entertaining talk explores why rare birds show up in North America, where they show up, and where they come from.

Hundreds of birding enthusiasts from the Bay Area and all across the country, including New York, Mississippi, Texas, Montana and Washington, have enjoyed EAC’s Point Reyes Birding & Nature Festival.

photo: Don Bartling

The Festival features fabulous walks and presentations about birds, wildflowers, butterflies, dragonflies, native grasses, marine mammals, bats, and wildlife photography. On Friday evening at the Inverness Yacht Club we have a wine and dessert reception with lecture presentation. On Saturday early evening birders enjoy for happy hour and silent auction. The evening dinner banquet is always delicious, featuring local, organic cuisine.

We wish to extend a huge thank you to the many businesses, organizations, community members, and many volunteers who have continued to make the Festival a great success. The widespread generosity includes auction item donations, cash sponsorship’s, donated baked goods for the Festival’s dessert reception, and discounts offered by our bakeries and delis to attendees during the Festival weekend. Thank you very much!!

photo: Brian Valente

The hundreds of people who attend the Festival patronize our many wonderful local businesses, and learned about the inspiring array of local organizations working in West Marin, all while experiencing the magnificent natural wonders of the Point Reyes area.




Mark your calendars! The 6th Annual Point Reyes Birding & Nature Festival will be held Friday, April 24th through Sunday, April 26th 2015!